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DIY Modern Holiday-Themed Terrariums

This year feels like it flew by! Not only is it already November, but Thanksgiving is in two days! I can’t wait until I get to go home and eat copious amounts of pumpkin pie. While Turkey Day is one of my favorite holidays, I love those days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are filled with Christmas music, holiday baking, and cheesy holiday movies.

As a blogger, this time of year also means a lot of crafting. I got a head-start with my holiday decorating this year by making these modern holiday-themed terrariums. I like how they’re not your typical red-and-green decoration, but still bring holiday cheer to any room!

Crushed: 13 Ways to Decorate with Velvet

I was surprised when velvet started making a comeback. I always think about George Costanza wanting to drape himself in velvet “if it were socially acceptable”. *Where my Seinfeld fans at?!* However, I’ve recently started to come around to the velvet trend, particularly when it comes to home decor.

There are so many ways to decorate with velvet in your home. If you’re brave, you could go with a velvet couch to make a bold statement. More subtle ways to decorate with the velvet including accent pillows, curtains, and dining chairs (my personal favorite).

I put together a roundup of velvet home decor pieces that would make George Costanza proud. 

Make Your Home Bloom with Floral Wallpaper


Wallpaper has made a big comeback in the home décor world. No longer is it thought of as outdated and tacky. Choosing the right floral pattern is a great way to make a bold statement. You can go big, in multiple ways, with large-scale flowers or by covering an entire room. If the thought of wallpapering an entire room in floral scares you, opt for a smaller room like the powder room, or even just an accent wall.

I found so many options and styles that I can’t decide on my favorite. Here are 16 incredibly romantic floral wallpapers that will make a bold statement in any home.

DIY Wooden Circle Shelves


Oh, Hey…I’m back!

In typical fashion I bought the wood for this project weeks ago and just got around to making it. Blogging is hard work, guys.

I originally saw these shelves at Urban Outfitters and fell in love with them, but there was no way I was paying 40 bucks for one shelf. I will admit, it was difficult sourcing the wooden circles for this project. The ones I found were either too thin, or too expensive. I had used one of these clock faces to make my Donut Clock and remembered that it was the perfect size and thickness. I figured since the middle of the circle would have the shelf piece, the hole in the middle didn’t really matter.

I love how these shelves turned out! They are a great way to display all those little trinkets.