DIY PomPom Blanket


Pom Pom BlanketFor the longest time, I was on a search for the perfect blanket. I wanted a blanket for the end of my bed that reached the floor on both sides. That proved a little difficult as my bed is up on risers. Being the DIYer that I am, it only made sense that I make my own. I got super lucky one Wednesday afternoon at a Joann’s store. They had just gotten in a luxury fleece but it ran about $17 a yard. Luckily I had a coupon and ended up paying only one third the retail price. That was a good day. I may or may not have texted all my friends to tell them about the amazing deal I got. For some reason, they were not as excited as I was. Then again, they didn’t know how soft and thick this fleece is! On that note,Β I’m gonna go wrap myself in my blanket!

Pom Pom BlanketPom Pom Blanket

Pom Pom Blanket


Fleece Cloth or Blanket, Thick Yarn, Embroidery Hoop, Scissors, Thread, Needle

Pom Pom BlanketRemove the metal part on your embroidery hoop. I used a 3″ embroidery hoop to make my pompoms. Simply wrap the thread around your hoop. To make same sized pompoms, keep track of how many wraps you make. The more you wrap the thread around, the bigger and fuller the pompom. I wrapped mine about 80 times around, though it made the next step a little difficult.

Pom Pom BlanketOnce you’re finished wrapping your thread, cut the end of the yarn. Cut a small piece of yarn to tie around the entire middle of the pompom. Pull as tightly as possible and double knot it for extra security.

Pom Pom BlanketCut the ends of your pompom on either side to detach it from the embroidery hoop.

Pom Pom BlanketNext is the fun, though time consuming part: shaping the pompom. Trim your pompom evenly around until you have a rounded ball.

Pom Pom BlanketSo many pompoms! For a 3 yard length of fabric I ended up making 20 pompoms, 10 for each side.

Pom Pom BlanketFigure out how far apart you want to space out your pompoms on your blanket. Use a needle and thread to attach the pompoms to the fabric.Β And you’re done! The perfect blanket for these cold winter months!

Pom Pom BlanketPom Pom Blanket