DIY Pineapple Ring Dish

Pineapple Ring Dish

Pineapples were everywhere this season, so obviously I wanted in on the trend. After finding this cookie cutter, I knew a pineapple project was in my near future. I still had some gold leaf lying around from this project, so I decided on some cute gold leaf patterned ring dishes. Like all my favorite projects, this one was a cinch!

Pineapple Ring Dish

What You Need:

  • Polymer Clay
  • Pineapple Cutter
  • Gold Leaf
  • Gold Leaf Adhesive
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Rolling Pin

Pineapple Ring DishStep One:¬†Start by kneading your clay until it is soft enough to roll out. Use the rolling pin to roll the clay to a¬†little over 1/8″ in width, and a little larger than the cutter.

Pineapple Ring DishStep Two: Cut out the pineapple shape with the cutter.

Pineapple Ring DishStep Three: Use your index finger and thumb to roll the edges of the pineapple upwards to create a bowl effect. Place on a baking sheet and bake the bowls following the instructions on your clay wrapper.

Pineapple Ring DishStep Four: We are going to use the gold leaf adhesive to paint a pattern onto the pineapple.

Pineapple Ring DishFor one, I outlined the entire pineapple and then added a crisscross  pattern. For the second I filled the whole top of the pineapple, then did small polka-dots for the bottom. Allow the adhesive to become tacky, letting it sit for about 30 mins, or as long as your adhesive indicates.

Pineapple Ring DishStep Five: Apply the gold leaf to the adhesive pattern on the pineapple. Use a brush (or be impatient like me and use your finger) to get rid of excess gold leaf. It is so fun to see your pattern take shape!

Pineapple Ring DishRepeat with the second dish.

Pineapple Ring Dish And you’re done! Enjoy!!

DIY Striped Beach Tote

Striped Beach Tote

A few weeks ago, my best friend and I decided to take a quick trip to the beach. While I was packing, I realized I didn’t have a good beach tote. During my weekly trip to Target, I found this straw tote bag near the dollar spot for only $3!! I obviously bought the bag without hesitation but I wanted to brighten it up a bit, so I decided on painted stripes and oversized pom poms in a bright yellow. It was the perfect addition to our beach trip!

Striped Beach Tote Materials

You’ll Need:

– Beach Tote
– Spray Paint
– Tape
– Yarn
– Scissors
– Over-sized fork

Striped Beach Tote1. Start by stretching a piece of tape across the bottom of the tote bag.

Striped Beach Tote2. Measure a distance the same width of the tape to create your first stripe.

Striped Beach Tote3. Repeat Step 2 to finish creating the stripe pattern. Repeat on the opposite side. Tape off the ends of the handles so they don’t get spray painted.

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Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd

Ever since graduating from pastry school, I’ve been more open to trying new flavors I would have never tried¬†before. One of those flavors is everything lemon. From lemon bars, to lemon cake, it’s officially one of my new favorite flavors. That’s why when my best friend asked me to make some macarons for her sister’s bridal shower, I knew lemon had to be included in the flavor line-up. This meant I was in need of a delicious lemon curd.¬†The recipe is incredibly simple, and yields¬†delicious results.

Lemon Curd Lemon Curd


Blueberry Basel Lemonade

Blueberry Basel Lemonade

Earlier this summer my best friend and I went to a free bootcamp class in the city. We were mostly motivated to go because after the class we would receive a free meal from Sweetgreen. The thought of their Blueberry Basel Lemonade is what kept me going throughout all the drill-like exercises. After that day, I was hooked on the summer drink. I would have never thought to combine blueberry and basel, but they are the perfect combination. Thankfully, Sweetgreen posted the recipe online, so now I can indulge in the drink anytime I want!

Blueberry Basel Lemonade *Fresh basel from my mom’s garden…yum.*
Blueberry Basel Lemonade
Blueberry Basel Lemonade
Blueberry Basel Lemonade

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