DIY Gold Foil State Print

Gold State Print

If you follow my blog, you already know I’m in the process of making over my bedroom. I recently installed a few gold bracket shelves after writing this post. I wanted some art to style my shelves and was really inspired by my latest post on gold foil prints. I’ve seen some state prints online and loved the idea!

Gold State Print 1You need:

-Gold Foil and Adhesive
-Paper and Pencil
-Xacto Knife

Gold State Print 21. Print out a picture of your state sized to fit your frame. (If you have a printer that lets you print on a high weight paper, feel free to skip the next few steps!)

Gold State Print 3Gold State Print 32. Using an Xacto knife, cut out the state.

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Gold Leaf World Print

I’m back at blogging! Hopefully for good this time!! I’ve been super busy with work and have recently undertaken the project of redecorating my bedroom. I’m trying to stick with a clean, white palette. I painted my room from a dark pink to a bright white. Bought a new desk and hung some shelves. Though I’m trying to stick with mainly white, gold accents keep popping up into the decor. (Stay tuned for some gilded DIYs!) If you’re looking to add some gold decor to your home, these prints are the perfect addition!

Gold Foil PrintGold Leaf Print Gold Foil Prints Gold Foilimages: here, here, here, here, and here

DIY Dalmation Print Curtains

Painted Curtains

Last week I posted all about the Dalmatian print trend in the home. I settled on dalmatian print curtains because they are less permanent than say, wallpaper, and can easily be changed. I was lucky enough to score blackout fabric at Jo-ann Fabric at both a discounted price plus a coupon! The fabric is pretty thick so I just painted the pattern directly onto the white side of the fabric. I love the transformation of my room so far…look out for more posts to come!

Painted Curtains


Blackout Drapery (or ready-to-go curtains)
– Fabric Paint
– Paintbrushes
– Disposable cup

Painted Curtains1. To get more out of the fabric paint, I diluted it with some water. Just pour some fabric paint into a disposable cup and add water. Be careful not to add too much water though or the paint will bleed on the fabric. Once you have diluted your paint, start painting! Create different sized dots for a more realistic dalmatian pattern, or stick to one size.

Painted Curtains

For the time being, I didn’t hem the edges of the drapes. I cut each piece to the same size, then folded over the top edge of each piece so the bottom of the drape would just hit the floor. I used curtain rings with clips from Ikea to hang the drapes.

Painted Curtains(Please excuse my unmade bed!) The curtains are definitely the new focal point in my room! Plus the blackout fabric keeps my room nice and dark when they are completely closed which I also love!

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Dalmatian Print

In the midst of my bedroom redesign I’ve come across dalmatian print more than once. Though dalmatian print wallpaper appears to be the most popular, I don’t think I could commit to such a bold pattern on my wall for very long. I love the easily changed pillowcase or chair slipcover. To make a bold statement, without the permanence of wallpaper or paint, I thought dalmatian print curtains would make a great compromise! Stay tuned for the tutorial!!

Dalmatian PrintDalmatian Print Dalmatian Print Dalmatian Print Dalmatian Print1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

DIY Dia de Los Muertos Skull and Vase


Dia de los Muertos (And Halloween!) is right around the corner. Last year I made these colorful skulls using glue and glitter. This year, I thought I’d keep it simple (and lazy) by sticking to a black and white color scheme and utilizing a sharpie marker. My best friend, and event designer/florist had some leftover coxcomb and offered it to me for whatever DIY I could think up. Since coxcomb slightly resembles a brain, I thought it would be fun to turn my skull into a vase!



– Paper Mache Skulls (bought at Michaels)
– White Spray Paint
– Black Sharpie Marker
– Tea Light Holder
– Scissors
– Coxcomb

Skulls1. Spray paint your skulls white in a well ventilated area. Let them dry completely.

Skulls2. Look up Dia de Los Muertos skulls for design inspiration. Use the sharpie to start drawing out your design.

Skulls Draw a different design on the second skull.

Skulls They look great as is so you can always stop at this step. I wanted to test my vase theory though!

Skulls3. To make the skull into a vase, use a pair of scissors to make a small hole at the top of the skull. Twist the scissors to enlarge the hole. Then carefully cut off pieces of the skull until the hole is large enough for the small vase. Insert the vase and fill with water.

Skulls Add the coxcomb and you’re done! Happy Halloween!!

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