I originally got into weaving when it was just becoming popular again. I bought a starter loom from Meghan Shimek that came with a heddle bar. The heddle bar made weaving so fast and easy. I then made a large weaving loom on my own (with dad’s help of course) which was when I realized how tedious weaving actually was. It didn’t get a lot of use, but I’ve been itching to get back to it. I decided to make a new and improved giant loom.

There are a lot of tutorials for looms online. I referenced this one and based it off Shimek’s design. There are the more simple ones that just use a picture frame as the loom. Others use nails to hold your warp. I wanted a long lasting good quality one. I chose to cut notched into the wood because I find sometimes my warp continually comes off a nail loom. I also like a standing loom because you can move it anywhere and work comfortably.

I will warn you, this loom is not easy to make. It took me two whole days, and I’m still making adjustments to it. I wanted to use a dremel to cut the notches into the wood but I found the cutters I had were not powerful enough so I had to hand saw it. I’m really happy with how it turned out though. I made a few mistakes which you can now avoid if you want to make one too!

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Remember when terrazzo was associated with old bathroom floors and kitchen countertops? Well now it has made a serious comeback. Like most trends, who knows how long this one will last. After doing some research, I learned the trend has mixed reviews. You are either Team Terrazzo, or think it should have stayed in the past. I’m #TeamTerrazzo all the way! But, I doubt I’ll be installing terrazzo countertops anytime soon, so in the meantime I’ll have to make some of these amazing terrazzo DIYS!

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New year, New you, right? I don’t really make any specific resolutions as much as I set general goals for myself. One of my goals for this year is to get more organized. Instead of hiding things in drawers and closets, I want to find more purposeful places for my belongings, particularly my craft supplies. I’m hoping this will help me to be more productive and thus produce more projects for you guys!

If you’re looking for ways to get organized in your life, I’ve rounded up these 10 DIY projects that are both stylish and functional!

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DIY Bath Salt Ornaments with Dried Rose Petals and Lavender


It’s technically not even winter yet but I already have the winter blues. That’s why I couldn’t resist buying a bouquet of roses from Trader Joe’s. I did a sugar scrub post earlier this year that I wanted roses for, but didn’t even think to dry the petals myself. I wondered how to combine a beauty post with the holidays and came up with these bath salt ornaments.

The ornaments turned out super cute, but I would actually hang them from your tree. While taking photos, one of the tops popped off and there was salt and lavender everywhere!! They would however make adorable gifts! Read More →

DIY Modern Holiday-Themed Terrariums


This year feels like it flew by! Not only is it already November, but Thanksgiving is in two days! I can’t wait until I get to go home and eat copious amounts of pumpkin pie. While Turkey Day is one of my favorite holidays, I love those days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are filled with Christmas music, holiday baking, and cheesy holiday movies.

As a blogger, this time of year also means a lot of crafting. I got a head-start with my holiday decorating this year by making these modern holiday-themed terrariums. I like how they’re not your typical red-and-green decoration, but still bring holiday cheer to any room!


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