DIY Wooden Circle Shelves



Oh, Hey…I’m back!

In typical fashion I bought the wood for this project weeks ago and just got around to making it. Blogging is hard work, guys.

I originally saw these shelves at Urban Outfitters and fell in love with them, but there was no way I was paying 40 bucks for one shelf. I will admit, it was difficult sourcing the wooden circles for this project. The ones I found were either too thin, or too expensive. I had used one of these clock faces to make my Donut Clock and remembered that it was the perfect size and thickness. I figured since the middle of the circle would have the shelf piece, the hole in the middle didn’t really matter.

I love how these shelves turned out! They are a great way to display all those little trinkets.




DIY-Circle-ShelvesUse your ruler to measure the middle of the circle on either side of the hole in the center. Draw a line down the center of the circle. Using a jig saw or table saw (or hand saw if you’re in a pinch but have super human strength) and cut the circle in half. Sand down the edges so they lay flat.

DIY-Circle-ShelvesPosition the cut halves along the center of each circle. I traced the outside of the pieces as a guide for when I drilled the holes.

DIY-Circle-ShelvesDrill two holes on either side of the hole in the center within the traced lines. Position the cut pieces in the center of the shelves, and drill a screw into each hole to secure the shelf piece. (This is definitely a two person job.)

DIY-Circle-ShelvesAnd you’re done! I used Command Strips to hang my shelves since I won’t be putting anything too heavy on them.