DIY Hanging Shelves


I always find myself hoarding small trinkets that I have no idea where to store. I hung some shelves last year that are already overflowing with plants, frames, and small ceramic sculptures. I wanted to hang some smaller shelves that would also serve as an art piece. I love the look of unfinished wood and the simplicity and strength of rope cord. The result is a simple design that makes a big impact in your space!

Hanging ShelvesHanging Shelves

Hanging Shelves


wooden board(s), rope cord, metal rings, scissors, saw, drill

Hanging ShelvesIf needed, cut your boards to size. I cut a 24″ board in half. Drill two holes on opposite ends of the board. You can measure the exact distances or eyeball it like I did.

Hanging ShelvesTo hang your first shelf, cut two pieces of cord to your desired length, remembering to leave room for the knotted ends. I cut 2 pieces of 40″ cord. Fold the two pieces in half, and place the folded end underneath the metal ring.

Hanging ShelvesPull the folded end over the metal ring, then pull the rest of the cord up and through the loop.

Hanging ShelvesPull the cord taut to create the knot around the metal ring.

Hanging ShelvesSeparate two of the strands. Pull each strand through one of the drill holes. Repeat on the other side.

Hanging ShelvesAdjust the length of the cord to make your shelves hang as high or low as you want. Then, tie knots at the end of each piece of cord. Trim off the excess cord.

Hanging ShelvesHang your shelves!

Hanging ShelvesHanging ShelvesAdd some of your favorite decor pieces and you’re done!!