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10 Holiday Cookie Recipes for National Cookie Day


Why is it that I only ever seem to think about eating healthy again when there is a special occasion to eat delicious not-so-good for you foods? First Thanksgiving, and now National Cookie Day coming up on December 4th, and soon Christmas! This is why people leave the healthy eating until after the new year.

National Cookie Day is the perfect excuse to start testing out some holiday recipes. I’m partial to the blue tin butter cookies, that after your done eating them, your mom stores her sewing supplies in the bin. (Also, can we talk about how that is a thing? I seriously thought it was only my family until I saw memes about it online.) Though the Pumpkin Chai Snickerdoodles pictured above look worth the effort it takes to bake them. Happy eating!


White Chocolate Cranberry Pecan Oatmeal Cookies


Cinnamon Maple Sugar Cookies


Vanilla Chai Cookies


Sparkling Red Wine Gingerbread Cookies

National Popcorn Day Recipes

Popcorn RecipesGoing to the movies is one of my favorite activities, primarily for the snacks. I order a popcorn every time I go, which is pretty often. I actually had to downgrade from the large to the medium so I wouldn’t go broke eating my weight in popcorn. Baby steps, right? Of course I was thrilled to learn that National Popcorn Day is January 16. While I don’t think I’ll make it to the movies, nothing is stopping me from trying some of these amazing recipes!

Buttered Popcorn Cookies 71. Buttered Popcorn Cookies by Milk and Honey

oldbaypopcorn2. Old Bay Stove Top Popcorn by A Beautiful Plate

cakebatterpopcorn3. Cake Batter Popcorn by Spicy Southern Kitchen

Bunny Macarons

Bunny Macarons
Bunny Macarons

With the Easter Holiday right around the corner I knew I wanted to incorporate my love of macarons with this year’s dessert. I put the two together and decided on these adorable bunny macarons!

Easter Bunny Macarons Recipe


150g Almond Meal
150g Powdered Sugar
55g Egg Whites (to be mixed into dry ingredients)
55g Egg Whites (for meringue)
150g Granulated Sugar
38g Water


  1. Use a food scale to measure out all the ingredients. Set aside 55g of egg whites for mixing into the dry ingredients and place the other 55g of egg whites into the bowl of an electric mixer.
  2. Place the powdered sugar and almond meal into a food processor and grind them together until fine.
  3. Sift the almond meal and the powdered sugar mixture. If there are any large pieces of almond flour leftover, run through the food processor again.
  4. Take the 55g of egg whites and pour into the almond meal and powdered sugar mixture. Set it aside.
  5. Pour the granulated sugar and water into a metal pot and cook on the stove on medium heat. Attach a candy thermometer to measure the temperature of the sugar and water as it heats.
  6. Without stirring, allow the sugar and water mixture to heat to 115 degrees Celsius (239F). Once it heats to 115C, begin whisking the 55g of egg whites in the bowl of an electric mixture to soft peaks.
  7. Once the water and sugar solution reaches 118C (245F), slowly pour it down the side of the mixing bowl of the whisking egg whites. Mix on high speed for 1 1/2 minutes.
  8. Turn speed of mixture to medium speed and continue mixing another 3 minutes.  Turn the mixer off and scrape the meringue out into the almond mixture.
  9. Fold the meringue into the dry ingredients using a rubber spatula. Mix from the inside out, while simultaneously turning the bowl.
  10. Continuing folding until the mixture is one color. At this point it is important not to over-fold the mixture. To check if your macaron mixture is ready, lift the spatula up in the air and let some of the mixture drip back onto the surface. Wait 15 seconds to see if the drip disappears back into the mixture. If it disappears, the mixture is ready. If not, fold another 10 seconds then repeat the drip test.
  11. Prepare three separate piping bags. One with a large round tip, and two smaller rounds.

Hop on down below to see how I piped my bunny face macarons!

Marbled Meringue Kisses

Marbled Meringue KissesIf you’re looking for a quick and easy last minute Valentine’s Day recipe, these marbled meringue kisses are the perfect treat!

They have a crunchy outer shell, and a chewy marshmallow center. These require knowing how to mix egg whites to soft peaks. You’ll know you have achieved soft peaks when you turn the whisk upside down, and the peaks are just starting to hold. This takes a little practice, so keep at it!

I must say these did not last very long at my house. Everyone loved them! Even my mom who is the opposite of a “sweet tooth” kept commenting on how good they were.

You can find the recipe below…

Marbled Meringue KissesMarbled Meringue KissesMarbled Meringue KissesMeringue KissMarbled Meringue Kisses


175g of egg whites (Approximately 5 large eggs) at room temperature
350g sugar
Pink and/or red food dye

Preheat oven to 200°F (90°C). Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper.

Whisk the egg whites until soft peaks. Slowly add sugar. Continue whisking until stiff peaks; the time will vary depending on the temperature of your egg whites.

Prepare a pastry bag by cutting off the end and inserting a large round tip. (I used an 18mm.) Squeeze in some food coloring on either side of the piping bag. Careful not to add too much or the meringues could end up tasting bitter.

Pour half of the meringue mixture into the prepared piping bag. Pipe the kisses about one inch wide onto the baking sheet. Continue piping in rows until you’ve used all the meringue. Repeat with a new piping bag, and a different food color if desired.

Bake for approximately 1 1/2 hours or until they can be lifted cleanly from the parchment paper. Allow the meringues to cool completely before enjoying!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! xoxo

Doughnut Cake


A couple weeks ago many enjoyed FX Network airing every Simpsons episode ever. The marathon brought back such great memories of episodes I hadn’t seen (or ever seen!) for a very long time! It also inspired me to create a cake in honor of the show. I settled on the famous pink doughnut…sprinkles and all!

Doughnut Cake1. The very first step is to bake a cake in your favorite flavor! I used two 8 inch pans. Refrigerate your cakes until completely cool. This will make it easier to ice and stack! Begin by cutting off the tops of both cakes to get an even surface. Ice the top of one of the tiers, then stack the second tier on top.

Doughnut Cake2. Use a swiss buttercream to crumb coat the outside of the cake. Refrigerate the cake for a minimum of 30 minutes. We want a nice cold cake for sculpting.

Doughnut Cake3. To begin sculpting the rounded doughnut shape, trim the top edge of the cake at an angle. Start slowly! It’s better to cut off too little, than too much!

Doughnut Cake4. Your cake should start to look a little something like the picture above.

Doughnut Cake5. To create the doughnut shape, cut out a hole in the center of the cake.

Doughnut Cake6. Create a more rounded edge by trimming the edge at an angle just as before.

Doughnut Cake7. Slowing keep trimming the inner and outer edges of the cake until they are nice and rounded! *Don’t forget to trim the bottom edge of the cake as well!*

Doughnut Cake8. Once your cake is sculpted, cover the cake in a layer of buttercream. Refrigerate until cool. Use your fingers to smooth the buttercream to get an even surface for the fondant.

Doughnut Cake9. Dye a piece of fondant a light tan for the base of the cake. (I used about the size of a grapefruit in order to cover the sculpted 8 inch cake.) Roll out the fondant until it is just big enough to cover most of the cake.

Doughnut Cake10. Place the fondant overtop of the cake and pull down the edges until the whole cake is covered. Use your hands or a fondant smoother to smooth the fondant over the cake.

Doughnut Cake11. Trim any excess fondant with a knife.

Doughnut Cake12. Use the non-serrated edge of the knife to smooth the bottom edge of the fondant to give the cake a cleaner look.

Doughnut Cake13. Cut a small hole in the center of the fondant and push down into the inside of the cake. If the fondant does not cover the entire center, cut a smaller piece of fondant to fill it in. Don’t worry about the seam as it will get covered by the frosting.

Doughnut Cake14. Dye a piece of fondant (about the size of an orange) pink. Roll out the fondant into a circle. *Or as close as you can get to a circle. As you can see, I struggled a bit*

Doughnut Cake15. Use your fingers or a pastry brush to add a thin layer of water to the top of the cake. It will serve as a glue between the two layers of fondant.

Doughnut Cake16. Place the rolled fondant over the top of the cake.

Doughnut Cake17. Trim the edge of fondant in a ‘wave’ pattern to create the drizzled frosting look.

Doughnut Cake18. Again, use your finger or knife to smooth the edges of the trimmed fondant for a cleaner look.

Doughnut Cake19. Dye small pieces of fondant in multiple colors for the sprinkles. Roll out a thin piece into a long snake. Cut the fondant into about 1/2 inch pieces to create the sprinkles.

Doughnut Cake20. Roll and cut all your sprinkles!

Doughnut Cake21. Add a dab of water to the sprinkle and place it on the cake. Continue until you have covered the doughnut in sprinkles.

Doughnut CakeAnd there you have it! An awesomely adorable sprinkle doughnut cake!!

Doughnut CakeDoughnut CakeHomer Simpson approved! Enjoy!!