DIY Wire Name Bracelet


Wire Name Bracelet

I have a bit of an obsession with making wire jewelry. It’s low-cost, easy, and the end results are amazing. Today, I decided on a name bracelet featuring yours truly. It was similar to the Wire Love Ring I made a few weeks back but with a few tweaks.

Wire Name Bracelet

You’ll need:

– Wire (I used 20 Guage)
– Pen and paper
– Pliers
– Wire Cutter
– Something round (I used a small spray paint can)

Wire Name Bracelet  1. Start by drawing out the pattern to follow for your bracelet. One end of the bracelet will be a loop that serves as a fastener. Write out your name in cursive.

Wire Name Bracelet  2. Diagram the direction the wire will travel using arrows. This will make forming the name a lot easier. Some letters will require “back-tracking” aka two layers of wire.

Wire Name Bracelet  3. Form the loop in your wire. It should only be about a 1/4″ in diameter. Curve the wire to begin to form the bracelet.

Wire Name Bracelet  4. Bend the wire upwards. Shape your first letter. The ‘L’ was tricky. The top loop went in the opposite direction of how I would normally write it, which is why it helps to draw and diagram the name first.

Wire Name Bracelet  5. For an ‘i’, create a straight line, then bend the wire to create as small a loop as you can. Then go straight back down. Finish the rest of the name or word.

Wire Name Bracelet  6. After you have finished writing the name, bend the wire over your round object. Loop the unfinished end through the loop you created earlier.

Wire Name Bracelet  7. Place the bracelet around your wrist. When you get it the correct size, bend the unfinished end of the wire. Unhook the bracelet and take it off.

IMG_02388. Cut off excess wire to create a hook at the second end of the bracelet.

Wire Name Bracelet 9And you’re done!