DIY Chain and Leather Wrap Bracelet


For my first DIY tutorial I chose something that was super easy to make. I’ve seen these wrap bracelets all over the blogging world and in stores. My first thought when I saw them was “I could make that!” So I did. The good news is the supplies were relatively cheap and you can finish the project during an (hour-long) episode of your favorite show.

You’ll need (for a triple-wrap bracelet):

Start by double threading your needle with a little more than the length of the leather bracelet. Cut and tie the two ends together. Line one end of the chain with the end of the leather bracelet. Start sewing underneath the bracelet and through the gold chain.


Continue sewing the chain onto the bracelet in this pattern. Use the plyers if you find it hard to get the needle through the leather on your own.

Sew until you reach the end of the bracelet. Cut off the excess chain if you haven’t already.


Happy DIYing!