DIY Ring Dish


Ring Dish

I love this DIY Ring Dish. The base is made out of polymer clay, one of my favorite materials to work with. It’s cheap, easy to use and oh so versatile. I bought a pack of plastic animals at Michaels, and decided on the giraffe. The long neck is perfect for holding multiple rings.

Ring Dish

You will need:

– Oven bake Polymer Clay
– Plastic Giraffe
– Spray Paint
– Acrylic Paint
– Paint Brush
– Two different sized bowls
– Super glue
– Sand Paper

Ring Dish 1. Start by rolling out your clay until it is about 1/4 inch thick.

Ring Dish 2. Use a small bowl (or something round) to cut out a circle shape from the clay.

Ring Dish 3. Remove the excess clay. Place the circle into a larger bowl. Press around the edges to get them to curve up. (I wanted a relatively flat dish so I didn’t worry about this too much.) Bake the clay following the instructions on the wrapper.

Ring Dish 4. After the clay has baked, sand the edges of your clay dish.

Ring Dish 5. Super glue the base of the giraffe onto the middle of the clay dish. Let it dry.

Ring Dish 6. Lay down plastic or newspaper. Then spray paint your giraffe and dish in the color of your choice.

Ring Dish 7. Using acrylic paint (I chose Gold), paint spots on your giraffe. You can also add dots onto the dish.

Ring Dish 98. To complete the look, I painted the edges of the dish gold.

Ring Dish 10Ring Dish 12And you’re done! Perfect for storing all your rings and jewelry!