DIY Painted Planters


Painted Planters

Earlier this week I posted on how to brighten up a clay planter with yarn. Today I’m featuring another easy way to add a bit of color to your home. All you need is some paint!

Painted Planters

What you’ll need:

– Planters and Plants
– Spray Paint
– Acrylic Paint
– Paint Brush
– Painter’s Tape

PaintedsPlanters1. Start by spray painting the pots. Let them dry.

Painted-Planters2. Using painters tape, tape off the section you want to paint.

Painted-Planters3. Paint the taped off section. I did two coats.

Painted-Planters4. Transfer your plant to your painted pot.

Painted-PlantersAnd you’re done!

Painted-Planters*How cute is this cactus?*