DIY Cord Tacos


Cord Tacos

No matter how hard I try, my earbuds always end up tangled. I wanted something simple to carry them in, that would prevent the dreaded tangles problem. Hence, the cord taco. Super simple to make and customize. In a bigger size, it works for phone chargers too!

Cord Tacos

You will need:

– Faux leather in the color of your choice
– Circle Template (print at full scale)
– Buttons
– Scissors
– Xacto Knife
– Needle and matching thread
– Spray Paint (optional)

Cord Tacos 1. Cut the template to separate the two circles. Fold the circles in half.

Cord Tacos 2. Cut out your circles.

Cord Tacos 3. Fold your leather in half. Place the straight edge along the folded edge of the leather. Trace the circle or simply hold and cut around the template.

Cord Tacos 4. Repeat to create multiple circles.

Cord Tacos 5. This next step is optional. Spray paint the leather in the color of your choice. I chose gold. Wait for the spray paint to dry.

Cord Tacos 6. To sew on your button, thread your needle and knot the end. Start by stitching on the inside edge the circle. Then stitch coming back up. Now you can sew your button on the inside of the circle.

Cord Tacos Your button should be sewn on the inside (or wrong side) of the leather circle.

Cord Tacos 7. On the opposite end of the circle, make a slit with the xacto knife big enough for the button to fit through.

Cord Tacos And you’re done! Make some for your friends!!