DIY Bead Bracelet Tutorial


Delicate Bead Bracelet

If you’ve been following my blog you may have realized bracelets are one of my favorite pieces of jewelry to make. Check out my past bracelet tutorials here, here and here. I’m usually drawn to simple pieces so I decided on a delicate bead bracelet.

Delicate Bead Bracelet

You’ll need:

– Small beads
– Chain
– Wire
– Jump Rings
– Jewelry Finding
– Wire Cutter
-Needle-nose Pliers

Delicate Bead Bracelet 21. Start by measuring your chain against your wrist to determine how long to cut the chain. Mine was about 6″ long.
2. Cut a piece of wire approximately 4″ – we will need a longer length to have extra room to work with.

Delicate Bead Bracelet 33. Wrap the wire around the tip of the pliers leaving some room at the end.

Delicate Bead Bracelet 44. Slightly open the loop and attach one end of the chain. To secure the loop, twist the extra piece of wire around the base. Cut any excess wire.

Delicate Bead Bracelet 55. Add your beads to the wire. I added on 10, but you can add as many or as little as you like. Repeat Step 4 on the open end of the wire.

Delicate Bead Bracelet 66. Cut your chain in the center opposite the string of beads. Add a jump ring to one end, and a jump ring with finding to the other.

Delicate Bead Bracelet 7Delicate Bead Bracelet 9Wear it alone or layer it with other bracelets.


  • This bracelet is simple, pretty, and can be worn everyday. Trying this DIY!



  • Laura

    Love this.

  • Radhika

    Wow! I love it!

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  • melissa

    Can you please tell me the sizes of the wire and chain? I am brand new and have no supplies yet so I’m clueless. Also, where do you get your supplies from?

    • Luisa

      Hi Melissa,

      22 or 24 Gauge wire works best…anything thin enough that fits your beads. I get most of my supplies from local craft stores. A.C. Moore, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Jo-Anns. If I’m looking for something really specific, a quick Google search helps! Good Luck :)

  • Josephine Hector

    Thanks for the Tutorial I am interested in beaded jewelery and want to begin a class I am searching for materials :- nylon tread, elastic string and the cording, tools

    • Luisa

      Hi Josephine,

      I usually buy my materials from local crafts stores including AC Moore, Michaels, Joann’s Fabrics and Hobby Lobby depending on where you are located. is a good online source, as well as Amazon! Hope that helps :)

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