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DIY Studded Rhinestone Box Necklace

Studded Box Necklace

I’m back! In case you hadn’t noticed, I decided to take a little break from blogging. It’s mostly been due to a lack of time and inspiration, but I hope to be back in full swing really soon! I have so many projects lined up that all I need now is the time to make them. I commend those DIY bloggers who manage to post projects almost everyday! (P.S. How do you do it?!) Anyway, today I’m bringing you this awesome Studded Rhinestone box necklace. It’s a great way to use up some leftover craft supplies from previous projects. Plus, it’s super easy to make!



– Box Chain
– Studs
– Rhinestones
– Jump Rings & Fastener
– Chain (If the box chain is too short)
– Scissors
– Super Glue

Studded Box Necklace If your box chain is too short, cut two pieces of chain to the length you want the necklace to fall. Attach to box chain using a jump ring. On one end attach just a jump ring, and jump ring and fastener on the other.

Studded Box Necklace Add a drop of superglue to the box chain.

Studded Box Necklace Carefully place the stud over the drop of glue.

Studded Box Necklace Continue gluing the studs onto the box chain. I added a stud to every other upward facing box.

Studded Box NecklaceAdd studs until you reach the end of the chain.

Studded Box Necklace Attach the rhinestones in a similar fashion to the studs. I added the rhinestones between the studs.

Studded Box NecklaceLet the studs and rhinestones dry completely before wearing.

Studded Box NecklaceVoila!

DIY Rhinestone Tassel Earrings

Rhinestone Tassel Earrings

So much of my DIY inspiration comes from seeing something and instantly saying “I could totally make that!” That’s what happened when I saw these neon tassel earrings on Pinterest. Instead of a bright neon, I went with a more subtle seafoam green. Though I wish I had chosen a thinner style of thread, I still love the way this project turned out!

RhinestoneTassel Earrings Materials

You will need:

– Rhinestones
– Embroidery Thread
– Wire
– Clear Vinyl
– Super Glue
– Marker
– Scissors
– Pliers & Wire Cutters

Rhinestone Tassel Earrings1. Arrange the rhinestones into a simple pattern overtop of the clear vinyl. Trace the pattern with the marker.

Rhinestone Tassel Earrings2. Cut out the traced pattern on the vinyl. Next, glue the two largest rhinestones to each other.

Rhinestone Earrings 3. Glue the attached rhinestones to the piece of vinyl. Add the additional rhinestones to complete the pattern.

Rhinestone Earrings 4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you have two identical rhinestone pieces.

Rhinestone Tassel Earrings 5. Cut a piece of embroidery thread to a length longer than you want for the earrings. Continue adding embroidery thread in the same length.

Rhinestone Earrings 6. Cut a small piece of wire and hook it through the bottom rhinestone piece. Bring the ends of the wire together to make a small loop. Insert the thread pieces through the wire.

Rhinestone Tassel Earrings 7. Secure the thread in place by twisting the end of the wire. Trim the excess wire with a pair of cutters. To make the tassel shape, wrap a piece of thread around the top of the gathered thread pieces. (Similar to this tutorial)

Rhinestone Tassel Earrings8. Glue earring backs to the top rhinestone piece on your earrings. Let them dry fully before wearing. And voila! Beautiful rhinestone tassel earrings!!


It’s a New Year!

I can’t believe 2013 is coming to a close! I feel as though my life has made a complete 180 since this time last year. I was so busy earlier this October that I completely missed the blog’s One Year Anniversary! WDYMM has become more than I ever thought it would. I can’t wait to get back to blogging and see where this year takes me!

I’ve complied 13 of some of my favorite and most popular posts from 2013. I hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane as much as I did!

Happy New Year, Everyone!!!

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3. Toasted Marshmallow Nutella Milkshake

4. Thread Wrapped Bracelets

5. Painted Planters

DIY INSPO // Alphabet Bracelet

Alphabet Bracelet

I first saw these Ryan Porter bracelets on Pinterest. They are a fun and contemporary twist on the friendship bracelets you’d make for your friends in elementary school. I love the grown-up twist and all the colorful phrases people have thought up. With some alphabet beads, these bracelets would be super easy to recreate, and would make a great gift for friends!

P.S. Sorry I’ve been M.I.A for the past two weeks. I am reaching the end of my run in pastry school which means more projects and practicing! I hope to be back to blogging regularly really soon!! As always, thank you for reading!

Alphabet-BraceletAlphabet-Braceletimages: 1, 2, 3, 4