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home inspo // gold foil prints

Gold Leaf World Print

I’m back at blogging! Hopefully for good this time!! I’ve been super busy with work and have recently undertaken the project of redecorating my bedroom. I’m trying to stick with a clean, white palette. I painted my room from a dark pink to a bright white. Bought a new desk and hung some shelves. Though I’m trying to stick with mainly white, gold accents keep popping up into the decor. (Stay tuned for some gilded DIYs!) If you’re looking to add some gold decor to your home, these prints are the perfect addition!

Gold Foil PrintGold Leaf Print Gold Foil Prints Gold Foilimages: here, here, here, here, and here

DIY Home Inspo // Gold Shelf Brackets

Gold Shelves

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I recently said good-bye to my childhood bedroom color. After this post, I decided I wanted a bright, white room. I’m a pretty extreme person because painting has led me to want to redo my entire room. I’m currently on the hunt for a cute desk, and would love to hang a couple shelves right above it. The gold shelf brackets add a touch of glamour to an otherwise functional piece, and would be a super simple DIY!

Gold Shelves Gold Shelves Gold Shelvessource: 1/2/3/4

diy inspo // metallic tattoos

As if I needed another reason to love gold. These temporary metallic tattoos have been popular with girls who like the idea of wearing jewelry at the beach, but don’t want to run the risk of losing it. The brand Flash Tattoos has had a big part in making the trend popular. Their tattoos last four to six days making it easy to change your look. Because I love recreating things I see on the internet, I’m currently dreaming up ways to DIY the look. Stay tuned!
Flash TattooFlash TattooFlash TattooFlash Tattoo images: 1,2&3, 3&4,5

DIY Studded Rhinestone Box Necklace

Studded Box Necklace

I’m back! In case you hadn’t noticed, I decided to take a little break from blogging. It’s mostly been due to a lack of time and inspiration, but I hope to be back in full swing really soon! I have so many projects lined up that all I need now is the time to make them. I commend those DIY bloggers who manage to post projects almost everyday! (P.S. How do you do it?!) Anyway, today I’m bringing you this awesome Studded Rhinestone box necklace. It’s a great way to use up some leftover craft supplies from previous projects. Plus, it’s super easy to make!



– Box Chain
– Studs
– Rhinestones
– Jump Rings & Fastener
– Chain (If the box chain is too short)
– Scissors
– Super Glue

Studded Box Necklace If your box chain is too short, cut two pieces of chain to the length you want the necklace to fall. Attach to box chain using a jump ring. On one end attach just a jump ring, and jump ring and fastener on the other.

Studded Box Necklace Add a drop of superglue to the box chain.

Studded Box Necklace Carefully place the stud over the drop of glue.

Studded Box Necklace Continue gluing the studs onto the box chain. I added a stud to every other upward facing box.

Studded Box NecklaceAdd studs until you reach the end of the chain.

Studded Box Necklace Attach the rhinestones in a similar fashion to the studs. I added the rhinestones between the studs.

Studded Box NecklaceLet the studs and rhinestones dry completely before wearing.

Studded Box NecklaceVoila!

DIY Gold Leaf Bowls

Gold Leaf Bowl

I had recently come across this image on Pinterest and instantly fell in love. I’m currently obsessed with all things gold, so I immediately got started on replicating these gold lined bowls. I found two different sized small bowls at Target that would be perfect for this project. I decided on using gold leaf instead of spray paint for a different effect and texture. This was my first time using gold leaf but it definitely won’t be the last…this stuff is amazing! I am so happy with the final result!

Gold Leaf Bowl Materials

You’ll need:

– Small bowls
– Gold Leaf
– Gold Leaf Adhesive
– Two paintbrushes

Gold Leaf Bowl1. Clean your bowls before starting. Follow the instructions for the gold leaf adhesive. I painted a layer of adhesive onto the inside of the bowls, making sure there were no drips. Wait 30 minutes for the adhesive to become tacky.

Gold Leaf Bowl2. Begin adding the gold leaf! Initially I used my fingers to gently press the gold leaf in place, though this did make my fingers sticky so I switched to the paintbrush. I let the gold leaf sit for another 20 minutes before using the paintbrush to brush away the excess gold leaf. Watching the gold leaf become smooth was the most satisfying part!

Gold Leaf BowlsAnd you’re done!

Gold Leaf BowlsI use mine to store hair ties and bobby-pins. Hopefully this will prevent me from losing them as much! Enjoy!!