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Get the Look: 15 Velvet Products to help you transition into fall

Summer has officially come and gone. I’m pretty sad about saying good-bye to warm weather but then I remember that Fall is my favorite season. Leaves change colors, I eat pumpkin-flavored everything, and I get to wear layered clothing. Hello, sweater weather!

Just like the changing leaves, I’m falling for the velvet trend. (See what I did there?) The quintessential 90s trend has made a comeback in a huge way and I’m ready to get on board.

I rounded up these 15 velvet pieces that will make the transition into Fall smooth as…velvet.

DIY Studded Headband


I feel as though I’ve been living in headbands lately. My job as a cake decorator requires me to wear my hair pulled back at all times. My refusal to wake up earlier in the mornings usually means I quickly pull my hair back in a messy bun. When my hair is particularly unruly, I throw on a headband. My hair accessories were definitely in need of some updating, and what better way than with a studded headband? Now my messy buns can at least have some edge!

Studded Headband


-fabric covered headband
-sew on studs (I got mine at A.C. Moore)
-sewing needle & matching thread

Studded Headband1. Decide how many studs you want to add to your headband by arranging them alongside your headband.

Studded Headband2. Cut a piece of thread that is about twice the length of the headband. Start sewing on the stud one by one. Sew into the cloth of the headband, and then through the stud.

Studded Headband3. Continue sewing the studs to the headband until you reach the end.

Studded HeadbandAnd you’re done!

DIY Rhinestone Beanie

Rhinestone Beanie

After a beautiful day of 60 degree weather, today we’re back to the chilliness of winter. The only good part about this wind chill is that I get to wear this DIY Rhinestone Beanie another day! I found the rhinestones at A.C. Moore and went a little purchase crazy. I’ve seen the Rhinestone Beanie on streetstyle pics from the fall and have been itching to recreate my own. I found the beanie at Urban Outfitters on sale for $5!! It was DIY destiny!

Rhinestone Beanie Materials

You’ll need:

– Knit Beanie (similar)
– Rhinestones
– Needle and thread

Rhinestone Beanie1. Determine how you want to arrange the rhinestones onto the beanie. If you have a terrible memory like myself, move the pattern onto your work surface, or take a picture!

Rhinestone Beanie2. I started by sewing the largest rhinestone in the middle of the pattern. For the rhinestone to lay flat, I threaded the needle diagonally across the rhinestone holes. Repeat two times to make sure it is securely attached.

Rhinestone Beanie3. Make sure to sew through just the fold of the beanie! Continue to sew the remaining rhinestones onto the beanie to finish the design.

Rhinestone BeanieAnd Voila! A super stylish Rhinestone Beanie perfect for these (hopefully) last days of winter!

DIY Veiled Beanie

Veiled Beanie

A few weeks ago I wroteΒ this post about veiled beanies. I didn’t think I’d get the chance to make my own before winter ended. However, the season does not seem to want to go away. After a light snowfall earlier this week, I decided I would still have plenty of time to wear my beanies. This DIY version of the trend will be the perfect addition to my collection! Having the chance to wear it is the only reason I hope winter sticks around…if just for a little longer.