10 Holiday Cookie Recipes for National Cookie Day


Why is it that I only ever seem to think about eating healthy again when there is a special occasion to eat delicious not-so-good for you foods? First Thanksgiving, and now National Cookie Day coming up on December 4th, and soon Christmas! This is why people leave the healthy eating until after the new year.

National Cookie Day is the perfect excuse to start testing out some holiday recipes. I’m partial to the blue tin butter cookies, that after your done eating them, your mom stores her sewing supplies in the bin. (Also, can we talk about how that is a thing? I seriously thought it was only my family until I saw memes about it online.) Though the Pumpkin Chai Snickerdoodles pictured above look worth the effort it takes to bake them. Happy eating!


White Chocolate Cranberry Pecan Oatmeal Cookies


Cinnamon Maple Sugar Cookies


Vanilla Chai Cookies


Sparkling Red Wine Gingerbread Cookies

Thanksgiving DIYs To Try


Tomorrow’s the big day! You guys, I love Thanksgiving. Yes, the holiday is about being thankful for all you have, but it’s also an excuse to eat copious amounts of mashed potatoes and pie. I’ve already finalized my menu and did all the grocery shopping, so today will be focused on prep and pie baking. It’s also the perfect day to start crafting those holiday themed DIYs, so I’ve rounded up some of my favorites from the web. Happy Turkey Day!!

DIY Wood Bottom Planters

Wood Bottom Planters

I’m not sure if I’ve even mentioned this on here before, but I studied Landscape Architecture in college. I’ve always had a love of all things plants and design. Anytime I can find a way to combine the two, I’m happy.

I’ve had the idea for this DIY for a couple weeks now, but had the hardest time finding the perfect piece of wood for the bottom. I visited craft stores, home improvement stores, and even shopping malls in the hopes of finding the perfect piece. I needed something tall enough to make a statement as a base for the glass container, and thick enough to hold the weight of the plant. Finally, I decided to buy these wood bangles on Amazon, and stain them to the shade I wanted. They ended up working perfectly with the containers I bought at Michaels. It was also my first time using this gel stain but the result is an elegant shade of walnut.

Wood Bottom PlantersWood Bottom Planter

Dark Accent Walls

I normally like white and bright interior spaces with pops of color found in the décor. Lately, I’ve been drawn to dark, moody shades. Dark walls can be beautiful and elegant, but also intimidating to someone who has never painted a room in their home such a bold shade. That’s why I love the idea of painting a dark accent wall. You can still make a bold statement without the commitment of painting an entire room.

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Hats as Decor

Urban Oasis

I was never really a big hat wearer. In fact, I just bought my first fancy hat two months ago for a music festival. Of course I haven’t worn it since. Even though I don’t wear hats that often, I love the idea of hanging them on a wall as a way to store and display them as decoration. Maybe if I buy more hats I’ll be more inclined to wear them…that’s how life works, right?

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