Remember in my last post when I said I had bought an embarrassing amount of rope? Well, it’s because of the macrame kick I’ve been on the past few months. After seeing all the amazing macrame artists on social media , I was so inspired to learn the craft. I thought I’d shared one of the first projects I ever learned to make that is both functional and beautiful.

*If you are still having trouble with the knots shown, I’ll include links to videos at the end of the tutorial.*Hanging-Macrame-Planter-DIY

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10 Stylish Rope DIYS to beautify your life



I’ve recently gotten into macrame and have bought more rope than I’d care to admit. Seriously, I have an entire spool of rope sitting on my floor as we speak. I’ve made a few wall hangings but wanted inspiration for different projects.

The best thing about rope is that it’s so versatile, and thankfully for me, relatively inexpensive. Whether you are making home decor or jewelry, it always adds a minimal and natural look to your project. I rounded-up some DIY projects to help me use up some of my remaining rope, and because they’re just so clever.  Read More →

Lavender Soap and Sugar Scrub Recipes


Lavender-Soap-and -Sugar-Scrub

Making my own soap is something I’ve wanted to try for a long time now. I was always hesitant because working with lye sounded scary and labor intensive. Then I learned you can buy soap bases that melt down and you just add whatever oils, colors, and fragrances you want and just pour it into a mold.  This was so simple to make and actually fun to do! Plus, you can customize your soap any way you want!

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7 DIYS to Try This Weekend



My plans for this weekend are the same as every weekend…a whole lot of nothing. I’m so excited to watch season 2 of ‘Love’ on Netflix which I’ll try to space out over the weekend, but will honestly end up watching it in one sitting. I’ve recently got back into working on the blog, so stay tuned for some new projects next week! In the meantime, here are 7 DIYS you can try this weekend.

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DIY Inspiration | Chunky Wool Knit Blanket



Do you have something you’ve been meaning to try for years? I have literally dozens of things I’ve wanted to do, and arm knitting falls at the very top of the list. I got into crochet and knitting as a kid (yes, I was super cool) but I felt it always took forever to make something and I didn’t have the best attention span. I probably had at least 3 unfinished blankets scattered around my room at any one time. That’s why I was so intrigued by arm knitting using chunky merino wool. You mean I can make an insanely gorgeous blanket in a matter of hours? Yes, please!

(above) The Everygirl

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