Dark Accent Walls

I normally like white and bright interior spaces with pops of color found in the décor. Lately, I’ve been drawn to dark, moody shades. Dark walls can be beautiful and elegant, but also intimidating to someone who has never painted a room in their home such a bold shade. That’s why I love the idea of painting a dark accent wall. You can still make a bold statement without the commitment of painting an entire room.

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Hats as Decor

Urban Oasis

I was never really a big hat wearer. In fact, I just bought my first fancy hat two months ago for a music festival. Of course I haven’t worn it since. Even though I don’t wear hats that often, I love the idea of hanging them on a wall as a way to store and display them as decoration. Maybe if I buy more hats I’ll be more inclined to wear them…that’s how life works, right?

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Thread-Wrapped Bracelets Two Ways

ThreadBracelets14It’s been a while since my latest DIY post. I haven’t been very inspired to create lately, so I thought I would revisit an old tutorial. It’s so weird (and slightly cringe worthy) reading my old blog posts. Even now I still have trouble thinking up what to say in these little introduction blurbs. Anyway, can you believe my DIY Thread Wrapped Bracelet post is from 3 years ago?! That post ended up being one of my most liked and shared DIY posts. It’s funny that as a blogger you can never predict what will be popular and what won’t. Even back then I thought about all the ways you could customize these bracelets so today I thought I’d share two of those ways!Thread Bracelets Thread BraceletsThread Bracelets


Rope, Embroidery Thread, Jump Rings, End Caps, Fasteners, Rhinestones, Super Glue, Scissors, Plyers

* I used 8mm end caps so make sure your rope in at least 6-8mm in diameter as well. I bought both the rope and rhinestone (with holes!) at AC Moore.*

Thread Bracelets1. Start by cutting a piece of rope long enough to go around your wrist. I cut mine about an inch shorter than I needed it to wrap around my wrist to account for the end caps and fastening. Wrap your first color down the length of the cut rope and glue both ends.

Thread Bracelets2.If you want to add a second color, glue one end and wrap the thread over the first color. You can bend the rope in half to check whether the color is centered and glue the second end.

Thread Bracelets3. To add a rhinestone use the same color thread to tie the gem to the bracelet. Tie a double knot and trim the ends.

Thread Bracelets4. To add a tassel, glue the tied end of the tassel to the inside of an end cap. Add a larger sized jump ring to the end cap.

Thread Bracelets5. Add your tassel to the bracelet before finishing with end caps.

Thread Bracelets6. Glue end caps on both ends of your bracelets. Add a jump ring on one end cap, and a jump ring and fastener on the other. Let dry completely…and you’re done!

Thread BraceletsThread BraceletsThread BraceletsThread Bracelets

No-Weave Wall Hangings

It seems as though the weaving trend is here to stay, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Wall hangings are a great way to add color and texture to your home. If you don’t want to buy or make your own loom, no-weave alternatives are a great way to achieve a similar effect. There are many different styles of no-weave wall hangings, and I rounded up 10 of my favorites!

SarahShermanSamuelCopper Wall Hanging by Sarah Sherman Samuel

no_weave_wall_hanging_9 (1)No Weave Wall Hanging by Brepurposed

TheNesterDIY Mop Wall Hanging by The Nester

TheKipiBlogNo Weave Wall Hanging by The Kipi Blog

thelittlethingsdiyWall Hanging by The Little Things DIY

OleanderandPalmDIY Yarn Art by Oleander & Palm

BrittanyMakesDIY Bathmat Hanging by Brittany Makes

thelovelydrawerH&M Hack by The Lovely Drawer

mom.meOmbre Fiber Wall Hanging by Mom.me

HelloLidyFall Yarn Art by Hello Lidy

Donut DIYS for National Donut Day

Donut DIYSDonut or Doughnut? No matter how you spell it everyone should be super excited about National Donut Day this Friday! I love any excuse to eat donuts, but I feel less guilty about it knowing everyone else is eating them too! Not only are donuts delicious, they are also super cute! It’s amazing how you can turn pretty much anything round into a version of the sweet treat. Donut SoapDonut Soap by Bespoke Bride

Donut PurseDonut Purse by Studio DIY

Donut PillowDonut Pillow by A Beautiful Mess