DIY Inspiration & Weekend Project: Peplum Skirt


I love the look of peplum and what it can do for the body. Depending on the fit, it can hide a belly, enhance slim hips, and even out the torso if you have broad shoulders. I’ve been reading up on how to make the trend work for you and it’s all about tailoring it to your shape. I’ve made circle skirts in the past and decided it was time to step it up a notch and try my hand at a peplum skirt. Wish me luck!

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DIY Wire Love Ring


Love RingValentine’s Day is just around the corner so I thought I’d share this DIY tutorial on how to make a wire ‘Love’ ring. A perfect gift for friends or loved ones, or keep it for yourself!

You’ll need:

-24 gauge wire
-Pen & Paper
-Round nose pliers
-Scissors or wire cutter

love ring materials

Write ‘love’ in cursive on a piece of paper about 1/4″ x 3/4″ without lifting your pen. Add any additional notes or arrows that will help you follow the lines.

written love

Leave about a 2″ allowance on one end of your wire. Begin with the letter ‘L’ by making two loops using the round nose pliers to bend the wire.


Following the curves of your written word, make the ‘O’. I made the right side of the ‘O’ first, then came back to loop and complete the letter. At the end of the ‘O’, bend the wire as much as possible and follow the lines to make your ‘V’.


Continue following the lines to create the letter ‘E’.


When you are finished creating your last letter, wrap the two ends of the wire around your finger to measure how big the ring will be. Take the ring off, and using scissors or wire cutters cut the two ends of wire. You can wrap the ends around each other, or just pinch them together with the pliers.


And you’re done! A Love ring just in time for Valentine’s Β Day celebrations!

DIY wire love ringIMG_6675

DIY Tulle Skirt Tutorial


Tulle Skirt Tutorial

I promised to show you the tulle skirt tutorial from yesterday’s post. I found it very simple to make after my usual trial and error.

You’ll need:

* 6 yards of tulle (if you want 4 layers and the skirt to be knee length)
* 1.5 – 2 yards of lining
* 1.5″ – 2″ width elastic (enough to wrap around waist when stretched)
* Scissors
* Thread
* Pins

1. Cut the tulle into 1.5 yard pieces.
2. Fold one tulle piece in half, and then fold it again. Repeat for all pieces.
Tulle Skirt Tutorial Fold
3. Measure your natural waist. (Make sure to measure accurately so you have enough material to fit around your waist!) Divide your waist in INCHES by 6.28. This will give us a radius.
4. Cut out your skirt using your waist radius by following the diagram below.
5. When you open the tulle, you should end up with a ‘bagel’ shape. The smaller circle will be the skirt’s waist.
6. Repeat the steps above for the lining. (I made my lining a couple inches shorter than the tulle length.)
7. Sew the tulle layers together with a straight stitch.
8. Measure and cut your elastic. Sew the two ends together using a zig-zag stitch.
9. Start by sewing the tulle layers to the wrong side of the elastic band, stretching the elastic as you go. This way when you flip the elastic to the right side, the tulle layers sit on top.
10. Sew the lining over the tulle layers. Hem the lining if it needs it.

And you’re done!