5 Minute DIY: Scrabble Letter Ring

Scrabble RingToday’s inspiration hit me during a rather intense game of Words with Friends. (I get really into it!) I love the idea of mixing and matching the letters to create different words depending on your mood. This DIY Scrabble Ring literally took me 5 minutes! Now I have more rings to add to my collection!Scrabble Ring Materials

What you’ll need:

-Scrabble Letters
– Blank Rings
– Glue gun or Crazy Glue

Scrabble Ring StepsAdd glue to the center back of your scrabble piece. Attach the ring base to the to piece. Wait a few minutes for it to dry. Do as many letters as you want!

Scrabble RingScrabble RingFast, easy and fun!

DIY Spike Necklace Tutorial


Today’s featured tutorial is of a spike necklace. I saw the spiked beads in AC Moore and knew they would be perfect to recreate the popular look. They came in two sizes which gives the necklace more variety. Once you’ve gathered all of your supplies, this DIY is fast and easy!

Spike Necklace Materials

What you’ll need:

-Spike Beads (purchased at AC Moore)
– Jump Rings
– Gold Chain Necklace
– Pliers

necklace1Start by opening a jump ring. Hook one of the large spike beads into the ring.

necklace2In the centermost area of the chain, attach the first spike bead. Measure how far you want your beads to be spaced. I spaced mine 4 loops apart, but this number will depend on the size of your chain. Attach one of the smaller spikes.

necklace3Continue adding the spikes to your chain. I followed a pattern of 1 big spike, followed by 2 smaller spikes.

Spike NecklaceContinue until your necklace is completed.

Spike NecklaceAnd you’re done! Fast, easy and chic!

DIY Inspiration: Leather Circle Skirts

My most current obsession is leather. Leather peplum, oversized leather clutches, and now leather circle skirts. The leather gives you a more chic and stylish look, but the shape remains playful. I particularly love the printed leather skirt from Lovely by Lucy. I’ve found circle skirts to be fairly simply to make by following this template. I can’t wait to try it with leather!

leather circle skirtleather circle skirts

[images from here, here and here]

DIY Makeup Case Tutorial

Makeup CaseThis DIY makeup case tutorial started out as an oversized clutch tutorial. One major aspect about sewing and DIY projects is trial and error. This was my first time sewing a zipper and vinyl. Though it proved simple in the end, the size and shape of the bag didn’t turn out quite like I wanted. The vinyl is very stiff and had I made it bigger would have been a perfect clutch. Oh well, I needed  a new makeup case anyway!

Makeup Case Materials

You’ll need:

Fabric for lining (optional)
Pins and Thread in a matching color
Magazine or Ruler

Makeup Case Step 1
Start by folding your vinyl right sides together. Place your magazine along the folded edge. Measure about a 1/2″ around the sides of the magazine.

Makeup Case Step 2Cut along the drawn lines.

Makeup case step 3Place your cut vinyl over the fabric for the lining and cut along the edges. (This step is optional. Only do it if you want a lining for your bag.)

Makeup case step 4You will end up with two long pieces of vinyl and lining. Place the lining on the wrong side of the vinyl.

bag1Open and pin the zipper’s right side to the right side of the vinyl. Sew the one side of the zipper to the vinyl. Pin and sew the other side of the zipper in the same fashion.

IMG_7034Sew the two edges of the bag.

makeup case productFlip the bag right side out. And voila! You’re done!makeup case product2