Lavender Soap and Sugar Scrub Recipes


Lavender-Soap-and -Sugar-Scrub

Making my own soap is something I’ve wanted to try for a long time now. I was always hesitant because working with lye sounded scary and labor intensive. Then I learned you can buy soap bases that melt down and you just add whatever oils, colors, and fragrances you want and just pour it into a mold. Β This was so simple to make and actually fun to do! Plus, you can customize your soap any way you want!

Lavender-Soap-and -Sugar-Scrub

You’ll need:

2 lbs shea butter soap base
– lavender soap fragrance or essential oil
– dried lavender buds
silicon soap mold
– measuring cup
– stir stick

How to Make Lavender Soap

This is just a guide to show you how I made my lavender soap but feel free to customize your soap any way you want!Lavender-Soap-and -Sugar-ScrubCut the soap into smaller pieces for easier melting.

Lavender-Soap-and -Sugar-ScrubI worked with two rows of soap at a time which worked great because each row made one soap. Melt your soap in the microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring frequently.

Lavender-Soap-and -Sugar-ScrubAdd about 10-15 drops of essential oils or fragrance.

Lavender-Soap-and -Sugar-ScrubI mixed in about a tablespoon of dried lavender buds directly to the soap mixture.

Lavender-Soap-and -Sugar-ScrubTo prevent the buds from all settling at the top, I added a pinch of buds to the bottom of the mold, then poured in the melted soap.

Lavender-Soap-and -Sugar-ScrubI sprinkled some buds on top of the soap for added texture.

Lavender-Soap-and -Sugar-ScrubLet the soap harden completely (about 3-4 hours) before removing from the mold.

IMG_3170 IMG_3181 Lavender-Soap-and -Sugar-Scrub IMG_3202 IMG_3212 IMG_3218 IMG_3222For a cute gift idea, wrap the soap in cut pieces of crepe paper and tie with string! I’ll show you in a future post what I did with these soaps.

And now for the sugar scrub. I figured since I already had the lavender buds and the lavender fragrance that I would make a simple sugar scrub. I didn’t use an exact recipe for the scrub but it’s simple enough to make.

Lavender-Soap-and -Sugar-Scrub

You’ll need:

– white sugar (preferably organic)
– coconut oil
– lavender oil or fragrance
– dried lavender buds
– bowl and spatula
glass jars for storage or gifting

How to Make Lavender Sugar Scrub

Lavender-Soap-and -Sugar-ScrubAdd sugar to a bowl and sprinkle in as much dried lavender buds as you want.

Lavender-Soap-and -Sugar-ScrubMelt your coconut oil in a microwave safe container and add to the sugar scrub. I didn’t measure this out but I’d say it was about 2 tablespoons per cup of sugar. Then add drops of your lavender essential oil or fragrance. I added about 10-15Β drops of fragrance per cup of mixture. Mix it all together and you’re done!

IMG_3255Scoop the sugar scrub into individual glass jars for storage.

Lavender-Soap-and -Sugar-Scrub Lavender-Soap-and -Sugar-Scrub Lavender-Soap-and -Sugar-ScrubFor a cute gift-giving idea, write and tie a label for your sugar scrub around the jars. Or, enjoy it yourself!