Ikea Hack: Painted Dresser


Ikea Hack Dresser

This Ikea hack dresser is one of my favorite DIY pieces from my sister’s new Chicago apartment. The Tarva 3 Door Chest is a bargain, but the unfinished wood is far from apartment ready. We bought a can of Behr Coral Expression and added white paint to create an ombre look. Here’s how we transformed the dresser.

1. Start by painting the body of the dresser white.
2. Paint one of the dresser drawers in Coral. Add two or three coats.
3. Add white paint to the coral to lighten it. Paint the second drawer like you did the first.
4. Add more white paint to the paint mixture to paint the third drawer.
5. To add a bit of interest to the dresser, we spray painted the knobs gold.
6. We lined the inside of the dressers with gift wrap paper we found at Marshalls. Measure the insides of the drawer and cut the paper to size. Mod podge it to the drawer.
7. Put it all together and you’re done!

Ikea Hack DresserIkea Hack Dresser