DIY Jewelry Organizer



Earlier this week I made a post about different jewelry storage ideas. Today I’ll show you how to make your own jewelry organizer out of wire. I was inspired by this photo on Pinterest. This DIY allows you to organize your jewelry and display it in a fun way!


What you’ll need:

– Hanger as a template
– Wire (I used 12 gauge)
– Pliers
– Something small and round (Nail polish or chapstick works)
– Spray paint (optional)

Jewelry-Storage-Hanger-11. Start by making a small curve on one end of the wire. Using the hanger as a template, shape your wire to follow the curves of the hanger.

jewelry-organizer2. Continue to recreate the shape of the hanger until you reach the deep bend on one side.

Jewelry-storage-hanger-23. After you create the first bend, use the nail polish bottle or chapstick to create the wavy pattern along the bottom of the hanger.

jewelry-organizer4. Continue the pattern until you reach the opposite end. Then create the second bend to complete the hanger shape.

Jewelry-storage-hanger-35. Twist the wire multiple times around the neck of the hanger. Cut off excess wire. Leave your jewelry hanger as is, or spray paint in any color!

jewelry-organizerVoila! A great way to store your necklaces and bracelets!!