Chocolate-Dipped Almond Biscotti


IMG_6069My mom used to buy these big containers of individually wrapped biscotti. The only problem with this is that I would end up with multiple wrappers as evidence as to how many I ate in one sitting. Biscotti are the perfect snack, whether you’re craving something sweet or nutty. I used this recipe which turned out to be super simple, and chances are you’ll have most of the ingredients on hand. I left out the almond extract and the biscotti still turned out amazing. I’ll bet you can’t eat just one!IMG_6000biscottiIMG_6032IMG_6054IMG_6061


  • I tried the biscotti recipe but I found it hard to slice them into thin slices and secondly how do I make them a little less hard and a little more softer ? any tips on that ?

    • Luisa

      You can bake the biscotti for less time during the second baking if you want them softer.